Wednesday, 20 April 2011

ACS bikers assisting Amp Energy

ACS Express is extremely proud to be working with Amp Energy drink during the month of May 2011.
Edmonton is the only city in Canada where this pilot project is happening and ACS's bike couriers were picked to deliver the goods!

Our five fast bikers, Greg, Gerry, Frankie, Ryan and Esjay will be a big part of the Amp Workforce.

Our guys will be outfitted in some cool looking gear buzzing around the downtown core as usual, but will also be delivering frosty cold Amp Energy drinks to fans in the "drop zone".

The Amp workforce arrives May 2nd!For more info check out

Friday, 18 March 2011

Is winter really ending here in Edmonton?

After a long, harsh winter we are now enjoying some beautiful weather. As a courier service, our drivers and bikers had many challenges to deal with this winter, with icy, snow covered roads, chilling winds and more nasty weather and cold temps thrown at us than the average Edmonton winter.

Thanks to our valued clients for keeping us busy and hats off to all of our delivery personnel for rock solid service. Good job everyone!

Let's hope that with spring just two days away, we will be treated to some warm sunny weather!